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Covers the Code of Ethics for accountants and auditors, proposing regulations for Continued Professional Education, setting up a system of Quality Assurance and conducting disciplinary proceedings on members of the profession. 
Part of the Inland Revenue Department. Responsible for the processing of applications by non-residents to acquire immovable property in Malta.

Financial Services is a sector that is growing and is expected to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. For this to happen a continuous in-flow of prospective employees of a high standard at all levels has to be maintained. 

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise was established as a voluntary constituted body and officially recognised in 1848.  It was established on the Anglo-Saxon - private law status model, independent from government or the public sector, with voluntary membership.

Includes exchange rates, economic indicators, and more. 

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) was established to promote, maintain and encourage competition, to safeguard the interests of consumers and enhance their welfare, to promote sound business practices, to adopt and co-ordinate standards in relation to products or services, to regulate such activities and to provide for such matters ancillary or incidental thereto or connected therewith, to provide for the establishment, jurisdiction and procedure of an appeals tribunal, and to make amendments to other laws.

Competitive Malta is a not for profit, non-partisan policy action group that sets an action agenda to drive Malta’s competitiveness in the major economic sectors of the economy. 

Customs service detail and systems. 

Prevention of money laundering including domestic and international law enforcement investigative agency. 

Portal to all Government of Malta services.

The mission of Identity Malta is to execute the functions and duties of the Public administration in matters relating to passports, identity documents, work and residence permits for expatriates, land registration and registration of public deeds, acts of civil status and individual investment programmes

Inland Revenue Department site with links to the International Tax Division, Residency permit schemes, and more. 
Database of legislation and subsidiary legislation.
The Maltese Actuarial Society (MAS) was established in early 2012 with the main objectives to watch over and protect the interests of the profession, and to take such action as may from time to time be considered desirable with the object of elevating the status and promoting the advancement and best interests of the profession, and to unite members of the profession in Malta.
Regulator - electronic communications, e-commerce and posts
Agency focused on attracting inward investment and supporting enterprise in Malta. Its role is to act as a single point of contact for all enterprise support in Malta and to provide cohesion to government policies and efforts relating to enterprise 
Regulator - land use and environment protection. 
The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single licensing and supervisory authority for all financial services activity. The Authority is an autonomous public institution set up by law.
This association represents the interests of all authorised insurance managers and managed insurance companies in Malta. 

The National Orchestra of Malta is made up of a nucleus of forty full-time musicians that are supplemented by a number of musicians for particular events.

An information portal on Malta’s economic landscape and investment opportunities that the country offers the global business community

Malta holidays and travel guide providing information on Malta holidays, flights to Malta, hotels and restaurants, Maltese culture and places of interest. 

An online system through which you can communicate with Central Government, Local Councils and Public Entities.

The Malta Stock Exchange became a reality upon enactment of the Malta Stock Exchange Act in 1990, and commenced its trading operations on 8 January 1992. Today it is a fully-fledged regulated market which successfully fulfills its role as an effective venue to raise capital finance.
Ministry of Finance site with links to the Inland Revenue Department, Customs, VAT, Budget Office, National Statistics Office, Economic Planning Division and more. 
Publication of a wide range of statistical information and related matters. 

Registry database online.

A portal for all information related to transport across the Maltese Islands. Through the various sections of the website, you will be able to find out more about aviation, maritime and land transport.
The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution of the State by which it is mainly financed and is open to all those who have the requisite qualifications. 
VAT Department site including online services.