Reinsurance Companies

Malta has welcomed some of the most respected names in the industry with its reputation gaining momentum as an ideal jurisdiction for risk and reinsurance solutions. With more companies seeking an EU base to serve their clients, Malta is becoming a destination of choice.

Spreading risk is at the core of insurance business and for insurance companies this involves also spreading their own risk. Reinsurance is about transferring the risks of insurance companies to third-party organisations, making it effectively ‘insurance for insurers’. Companies in Malta can either be authorised to carry out insurance and reinsurance activities or only insurance or reinsurance.


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Benefits of Reinsurance in Malta

Wide range of attractive structures: Reinsurance can be provided through a stand-alone reinsurance company, reinsurance captive or cell company.

Offices in a low-cost jurisdiction: The EU passporting regime allows insurance companies to establish themselves in any member state and offer cross-border services into any other EU country, provided they follow a simple notification procedure and observe local legislation.

Availability of highly qualified staff: As an established finance centre, Malta has an excellent pool of human resources, with many professionals having insurance-specific knowledge and qualifications.


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