Malta Stock Exchange: From IPO to Productive Investment

Malta has proved successful in a wide range of financial services sectors and is now focused on developing its capital markets landscape by broadening the scope of exchange services. With a robust yet flexible infrastructure already in place, Malta is well-positioned for the continued expansion of its finance centre and capital markets offering.

Malta’s boutique stock exchange is set to go global with the introduction of a multi-asset trading platform and an international clearing and settlement system connecting brokers, traders and investors worldwide. The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) has strengthened  the  offering of specialised, cost-effective services and products, and all the hard work has not gone unnoticed with it being awarded the title ‘Most Innovative Stock Exchange of 2014’ in the prestigious Acquisition International Finance Awards.

With 2014 being another record year surpassing the €900 million mark in trade turnover, the domicile is focusing its efforts on becoming a gateway to the EU capital market for small cap and non-European issuers and the ‘go-to’ option for investment and business. In order to support sustainable growth, the Exchange is committed to widening its horizons to attract more international business.

A key focus of its international strategy has been to achieve connectivity with other markets. In this context, the MSE set up a link between its own Central Securities Depository (CSD) and Clearstream Banking, which has led to the successful launch of the MSE’s custody business.

In addition, the MSE has launched a number of major initiatives designed to bolster its strategy, such as the adoption of the Xetra trading platform supplied by Deutsche Börse, the launch of the Market Making rules and the designation of the Exchange as a Designated Offshore Securities Centre by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Xetra platform is used extensively by exchanges in over 18 countries throughout the world and allows connectivity with over 4,500 members internationally.

The use of the platform and the close relationship with Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt have helped raise the MSE’s profile overseas, as it enters into new areas of operation such as facilitating and processing EMIR-related reporting of derivative trades. The  continued  innovation the Exchange has shown is transforming Malta into an attractive capital market domicile for companies seeking new sources of capital.

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