Maltese Issuers of structured investment products rank Top 5 at Deutsche Borse in Frankfurt

Since launching the Securitisation Act, Malta became the fastest growing securitisation jurisdiction within Europe. Partly that is due to the fact that the Securitisation Act limits the activities of Securitisation Companies not only to the securitisation of credit risk, but also provides a clear and secure legal framework for the securitisation of market risk (these securities are often called “structured investment products”) as well as for the securitisation of insurance risk (like “Insurance Linked Securities” and “CAT Bonds”). Relevant accomplishments have been recently registered for the sector of securitising market risk into structured investment products, as presented in the recent statistics of Delta-1 structured financial instruments listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In the January 2016 report of the German Derivatives Association, Maltese Securitisation Companies ranked Top5 of Issuer of delta1 structured investment products based on jurisdiction. Malta even overtook Luxembourg in the ranking, while the first four jurisdictions were Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. One of the Maltese Issuer - ETI Securities plc, established under the Securitisation Act of Malta and arranged by Argentarius ETI Management Ltd - ranked 9th overall confirming the leadership as bank-independent issuer within the German marketplace.

Four Maltese Securitisation Companies have securities admitted to trading at the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, namely “ETI Securities”, “Delta 1 Securities”, “Commonwealth Securitisations” and “Primus Global Securities Investment SCC plc”.

As presented in the metrics below, the position of the Maltese Issuers is even higher than the one of some of the leading international investment banks.

Malta Securitisation Act