Key Opportunities - Financial Institutions

Malta continues to be an attractive domicile for investors and financial entities seeking a dynamic European base that is professional, practical, safe and cost effective.

Healthy and Stable Sector

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 ranks Malta as the 10th soundest banking system and 13th for strength of auditing and reporting standards out of 144 economies. The sector has suffered no systemic shocks or banking failures thanks to its prudent approach to banking.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions enjoy more relaxed and cost-effective licencing and regulatory requirements than traditional credit institutions and provide access to a wide range of market places.

eBusiness Solutions

Malta’s e-Business industry is on a strong upward trajectory and several hundred gaming and tech companies are set-up on the island requiring various services from payment gateways as well as factory operations.

Niche Banking Services

Malta’s constantly expanding international finance sector offers interesting growth opportunities in specific areas such as ship finance and investment banking.

Call for Custodians

With Malta’s number of funds now almost 600 strong and growing, the need for more specialised banking services is growing. With currently only a few global hard-hitters in the market, credit institutions – both big and small – will find scope to capitalise on this opportunity.

Innovative Stock Exchange

The award-winning Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) is gaining reputation as an innovative exchange with a fast listing process, competitive listing and administration fees and accessible and professional staff. The MSE Central Securities Depositary enjoys a link with Clearstream, which provides international access to securities and is conducive to increasing the level of liquidity of the assets on the market.