Become a FinanceMalta Member

Are you interested in becoming a FinanceMalta Member?
FinanceMalta offers two types of paid membership: Corporate Membership and Affiliate Membership 

Corporate Membership

Open to entities operating within the financial services industry. We welcome applications from such corporate entities who would like to join the FinanceMalta community, participate in our initiatives and support efforts to promote Malta as an International Financial Centre of repute. The entities operating in the following fields are eligible to apply: Accounting/Auditing; Banks& Financial Institutions; Corporate Services; Collective Investment Schemes; Fund Administrators; Listed & Public Companies; Insurance; Investment Services; Law Firms; Management Consultancy; Pensions; Trustees & Fiduciaries, and Taxation.

In order to fall within a specific category, the organisation must meet certain criteria:

  • Accounting/Auditing 
    Firms licensed by the Accountancy Board in Malta to provide accounting or auditing services. The firm’s name should appear on the Accountancy Board’s register.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
    Credit institutions licensed by the MFSA in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 – Laws of Malta) and branches of EEA credit institutions, as well as financial institutions that are licensed by the MFSA in terms of the Financial Institutions Act (Cap. 376 – Laws of Malta). (Financial Institutions include three types of licence: Payment Institutions, Electronic Money Institutions and other Financial Institutions.)

  • Corporate Services
    All entities based in Malta that provide some type of corporate service including the incorporation of Maltese companies, ship & yacht registration, re-domiciliation of companies to Malta, company directorship and management services in Malta, company secretarial services, back office support and administration from Malta, payroll services in Malta, and opening of bank accounts.

  • Collective Investment Schemes
    Any Collective Investment Scheme licensed under the Investment Services Act (Cap. 370 – Laws of Malta).

  • Fund Administrators
    Firms recognised by the MFSA to provide fund administration services in terms of Section 9A of the Investment Services Act (Cap. 370 – Laws of Malta). [Fund Administrators, RICCs]

  • Listed and Public Companies
    These include companies registered with the Registrar of Companies and admitted to listing by the Listing Authority, as well as public institutions.

  • Insurance 
    These include insurance companies licensed under the Insurance Business Act (Cap 403 – Laws of Malta) and Insurance Intermediaries Act (Cap. 487 – Laws of Malta), affiliated insurance companies, reinsurance companies, protected cell companies, enrolled insurance agents, insurance brokers and insurance managers; registered individuals including agents, brokers, managers and tied insurance intermediaries, as well as European Insurance Undertakings having a place of establishment in Malta.

  • Investment Services
    All companies licensed by the MFSA under the Investment Services Act, CAP 370 of the Laws of Malta including Investment Services Providers [Category 1a, Category 1b, Category 2 including Asset Managers, Category 3 including multilateral trading facilities, and Category 4 trustees or custodians]
    Category 1a - Licence Holders authorised to receive and transmit orders in relation to one or more instrument and, or provide investment advice and, or place instruments without a firm commitment basis but not hold or control Clients’ Money or Customers’ Assets.
    Category 1b - Licence Holders authorised to receive and transmit orders, and/or provide investment advice and/or place instruments without a firm commitment basis solely for Non-Private Customers but not to hold or control Clients’ Money or Customers’ Assets.
    Category 2 - Licence Holders authorised to provide any Investment Service, and hold or control Clients' Money or Customers' Assets, but not to operate a multilateral trading facility or deal for their own account or underwrite and/or place financial instruments on a firm commitment basis.
    Category 3 - Licence Holders authorised to provide any Investment Service including operating a multilateral trading facility, to hold and control Clients’ Money or Customers’ Assets and to deal for their own account or underwrite and / or place financial instruments on a firm commitment basis.
    Category 4 - Licence Holders authorised to act as trustees or custodians of Collective Investment Schemes

  • Law Firms
    A partnership or association between advocates and includes an advocate who is a sole practitioner. ‘Partnership’ means a civil partnership made up of lawyers whether or not formally constituted. ‘Association’ means any association between advocates in the exercise of the profession and includes a cost sharing arrangement.

  • Management Consultancy
    Firms that provide consultancy services related to the management of legal entities.

  • Pensions
    These include Asset Managers, Retirement Fund Administrators, Retirement Fund Custodians, Retirement Funds, Retirement Scheme Administrators and Retirement Schemes, as licensed by the MFSA under the Special Funds (Regulation) Act (Cap. 450 – Laws of Malta).

  • Trustees & Fiduciaries
    Trustees, Administrators of foundations and other entities that are authorised to provide fiduciary services by the MFSA under the Trusts and Trustees Act (Cap. 331 – Laws of Malta).

  • Taxation
    Firms that provide tax advice as a specialist service.

Affiliate Membership

Eligibility shall extend to entities taking advantage of the growth that Malta’s financial services industry is experiencing through the work of FinanceMalta, including those entities providing the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Business Services
  • Logistics & Freight Forwarding
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Transport
  • Recruitment Services
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Media Organisations
  • Dining
  • Education
  • Health 
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing

Process of applying for membership

  • Companies may apply for membership online.
  • Membership with FinanceMalta is strictly subject to approval by FinanceMalta Management. 
  • Payment is not necessary until the application has been approved by the management of FinanceMalta.

Suspension or Expulsion from Membership

Management will have the power to suspend or expel a member if it deems that such membership will tarnish Malta’s reputation as a robust financial centre. The MFSA’s decision to suspend a license will be sufficient evidence for FinanceMalta to act accordingly. The ‘member’ will have no right to contest or challenge FinanceMalta’s decision. Any prepaid membership fees for the year in which such suspension/ expulsion has occurred will be forfeited and the company will have no right of reimbursement.