Global Firm Exante supporting Kazakhstan's Economic Transformation

On the 30th March, Kazakhstan celebrated the holiday of Nauryz in Latvia with over 200 guests from all political divides including professionals from financial and Industrial business sectors present. The event was organised in partnership with Investment firm Exante and took place in the exclusive surroundings of Latvia’s Capital, Riga. Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Lithuania, Mr Baurzhan Mukhamejanov noted that this thousand-year-old holiday Nauryz Meiramy, was not just a symbol of trust, friendship, and brotherhood, but a sign of stability in his country.

Kazakhstan has begun a serious country renewal. In a sign of its expanding international influence, Kazakhstan late last year entered into a historic agreement with the European Union, marking the first time a Central Asian nation has formally aligned economically and strategically with Europe to such an extent. The Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement concludes a new generation agreement with the EU. The Agreement will strengthen political dialogue between Europe and Kazakhstan and will serve to promote mutual trade and investments, creating an opportunity to mutually strengthen economic links and ties.

The Agreement will also reinforce cooperation in some 29 key policy areas, including in the sectors of economic and financial cooperation, justice and the rule of law, energy,  environment and climate change, employment and social affairs, culture, education, and research. Cooperation in foreign and security policy will be enhanced, while the Agreement also puts a strong emphasis on democracy and the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as civil society cooperation.

With the announcement of a third modernization programme within which reforms of the political and economic systems are envisaged, the country has made important amendments to the Constitution that have improved public administration. This has allowed the country to confidently look into the future and overcome the challenges of the world’s modern development. Kazakhstan is open to international trade, which represents nearly 70% of the GDP.  

“Around three or four years ago Kazakhstan saw the writing on the wall. Economically speaking, they were simply not competitive in global markets, and continuing to rely on oil and gas for sustenance was a fool’s gamble. Kazakhstan understood clearly that Kazakhstan needed to change”, stated Patrick J O Brien, Exante’s Communication Director. “We at Exante are delighted to be invited to be part of the country’s transformation through dialogue and sharing of mutual business opportunities.”

Mr Baurzhan Mukhamejanov & Patrick J O Brien

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Lithuania, Mr Baurzhan Mukhamejanov and
Exante’s Communications Director, Patrick J O Brien in Riga last week.