EXANTE’s Trading Platform rated among the Best in 2016

In 2016, EXANTE was complimented by many financial analysts on its proactive approach to providing perspective and security for its clients during market volatility seen in both January and August of this year.

Having invested heavily in technology and infrastructure since its foundation in 2011, the firm has continuously educated itself on the latest techniques and methods to detect and prevent issues in a connected world that is evolving at an ever-faster pace – an important factor when you consider that Exante’s clients can now trade over 70,000 stocks, futures, options, funds, bonds, currency pairs, and commodities on all the world’s major financial markets.

However, it’s Exante’s trading platform and technology that has gained respect from financial reviewers. The all-in-one multi-product brokerage platform ensures that clients have optimal portfolio overview.  Offering both web and mobile trading, tapping in to over 300 servers across the globe, the company has lived up to its name as a “one-stop shop” for clients.

"EXANTE technology is a game changer in the industry" - CNBC

"Setting the standard and constantly raising the bar" - FORBES

"We are delighted that we are seen again as leaders in this sector. As we enter 2017 with many exciting projects in hand, we look forward to building new partnerships and reaching out to new markets increasing our customer base", stated Patrick J O Brien, Exante’s Communication Director.

Last October, the firm became members of The Malta Stock Exchange giving EXANTE’s clients direct electronic access to stocks of the major Maltese companies. The firm also launched its new Help desk Centre and its co -founder Anatoliy Knyazev, famed as a cryptocurrency pioneer and blockchain specialist, joined a panel of other experts in Malta to discuss the future of virtual currencies and their pertinence in today’s industries.