Malta receives 'A' rating from DBRS

International ratings agency, DBRS, has given Malta an ‘A’ rating

According to the American experts of DBRS, this reflects Malta's strong economic growth as well as the progress made in respect of reducing the deficit and national debt. Indeed international analysts argue that if this progress continues and the reforms undertaken in the public sector are successful, Malta’s rating will improve further.


DBRS praised the work industry in Malta and the incentives that the Government gives the industry, especially with regards to foreign direct investments. At the same time they stressed the need to improve the education system and to increase the training of workers. DBRS analysts also noted that the majority of companies in Malta are small and do not have much access to investment funds.The DBRS positively mention the restructuring of public companies made recently, mainly Enemalta, claiming that it reduced the financial risks for the country. They also praised the measures taken by the government to reduce national debt sustainable in the years to come.

For this year DBRS predict that the Maltese economy will grow by 3.3% while the national debt will fall to 68% of national wealth.

While the Government welcomes this recent positive certification it reiterates its willingness to increase the pace of reforms and changes so that the economic and social situation of the country continues to be strengthened for the good of our families.

(Source: DOI)