Big businesses interested in investing and operating from Malta

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri in meetings in London with companies in the technological sector interested in investing and basing their operations in Malta.

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri led a number of meetings in London during which Schembri promoted Malta’s financial services sector as well as the new laws that have been put into effect earlier on this month to regulate the blockchain sector.

During a business breakfast organised by the London Technology Club in Pall Mall in London attended by a number of representatives from big businesses, Schembri gave a detailed presentation on the regulatory framework Malta offers for new companies which decide to invest and do business in Malta.

doing business in Malta

Schembri explained how the Maltese Government consulted internationally in order to build a framework of new laws, the first of their kind in the world, which permit companies in the blockchain sector to operate from Malta whilst offering their services across the globe. During the meetings, interest was evident from various companies with regard to what Malta managed to achieve in a short period of time resulting from being at the forefront to, in the best way possible, regulate a new sector in the digital economy. 

The Maltese delegation was made up of representatives from MDIA, the MFSA and Malta Enterprise which together gave detailed information on the advantages enjoyed by companies which invest and base their operations in Malta. 

This initiative was possible by means of the support of the Maltese High Commissioner for the United Kingdom Joseph Cole and Joseph Zammit Tabona, the Chairman of the Malta UK Business Promotion Taskforce who, together with Parliamentary Secretary Schembri, worked on holding a number of meetings with investors based in London. 

doing business in Malta

Among them, a strong interest for doing business in Malta was shown by a company based in the United Kingdom that is working on the use of technology to detect cancer at an early stage, meaning this will add on the chance of being healed for those that are diagnosed with this terminal illness. In fact, after having meetings with the Maltese Government, this company chose Malta as the country to base its operations, after considering Switzerland and Gibraltar.

This series of meetings also included discussions with international banks in order to consider ways of extending their operations in Malta.