FinanceMalta Chairman addresses Assolombarda in Milan

FinanceMalta chairman Kenneth Farrugia gave a presentation about what Malta offers as an investment destination as he met with the Assolombarda, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza and Brianza, along with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Chairman of Malta Enterprise Mario Galea.

A number of businesses from the region were present to discuss the opportunities offered by Malta as a business destination.

FinanceMalta Chairman addresses Assolombarda

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that Malta has one of the highest economic growth in the European Union, exceeding 6%, three times higher than the European average. He also explained how Malta, over the past year, has achieved a surplus in the country's finances with a record number of people employed in the labour market and record rate of unemployment. 

Muscat mentioned the strength behind Malta’s financial services sector and manufacturing sector, which are empowered by a very strong legislative framework. Malta is attracting investment from Asia, the US and the Middle East among others, encouraged by its geographical position.

This is possible due to the positive business climate in Malta and the Maltese economy, as well as the stable industrial relations that Malta enjoys. 

The Prime Minister also visited the Bank of Valletta offices in Milan where he was welcomed by Simone Meneghini.



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