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Top 5 common pitfalls in a valuation
2 April 2020
13:30 - 16:45
Lower Ground (LG), Tower Training Centre, Swatar

Event Overview

Valuation exercises remain a key discipline in business studies and practice. Having a realistic understanding of the value of a business or the value of shares in a business or investment portfolio is critical to decision-making and planning. And, clearly, privately owned businesses do not have as easy a mechanism to determine market value as do publicly traded companies. This session will provide the initial background by looking into the various users and uses for a valuation exercise (transaction; financial reporting; investment appraisal; litigation, tax etc) and the number of accepted methods for calculating the value of a business. Following this background, this presentation will examine some of the most common errors and oversights that are made in a valuation exercise which ultimately impair the credibility of the value conclusions or cause the conclusions to be misleading. The discussion will cover how such errors and oversights can be detected and avoided.

  • Chris Meilak is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist and Executive Director at EY Malta, leading the Valuation, Modeling and Economics sub-service line in Malta. Chris joined EY in 2006 and has carried out and managed (or taken a review role in) a number of valuation exercises in various sectors. Chris holds an MA in Economics and the ACCA degree.



Uses and users of valuation exercises

Refresh on valuation techniques
(a) Cost approach
(b) Income approach
(c) Market multiples approach

Top 5 common pitfalls in a valuation
(a) Theoretical argument for each
(b) Example of the specific pitfall (and its impacts) in practice

Recommendations for Preparers

Recommendations for Users

Registration Time: 13.15
Session Time: 13.30 - 16.45 including a 15-minute coffee break

Why should delegates attend?

The objective of this session is to discuss and attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What are the common errors found in a valuation exercise? 
  • How does one spot them, and what is the impact of these errors? 
  • How should a Prepare avoid such errors? 
  • How should someone using/ interpreting the valuation exercise be able to communicate such situations?




These questions will be explored in the context of both the theoretical underpinnings and practical case studies.

Other Information
Competence Hours: 3 Hours Core
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Top 5 common pitfalls in a valuation

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