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Course 205: Portfolio Management and Capital Markets
23, 27, 28 February, 1, 6 - 8 March 2017
17:00 - 19:30
Malta International Training Centre 
Capital Markets Event
Contact Person
Mr Cliff Pace
Event Overview

The course objective is to familiarise students with a practical and theoretical foundation of modern portfolio theory and to teach participants to distinguish between different investment objectives and constraints. Students will learn how to effectively diversify and manage an investment portfolio using equity, bonds and other investment vehicles. They will learn various investment styles such as value and growth investing. The capital markets will be discussed thoroughly and important analytical skills will be learned, such as how to calculate intrinsic value and how to gauge the value of financial assets.

  • Mr Sandro Baluci CFA
  • Asset allocation, asset pricing models and investment policies
  • Risk returns and diversification and the efficient frontier
  • ETF, REIT and commodity investing
  • Credit spreads and risk premium
  • The efficient market hypothesis
  • Concepts of alpha and betas
  • Duration, immunisation and convexity
  • Timing, the business cycle and factor models
  • Investment styles such as value versus growth investing
  • Interpreting and understanding the limitations of economic data
  • Behavioural finance and technical analysis
  • Bond portfolio management
  • Equity portfolio management
  • Investment goals and constraints
  • Estimating EPS and understanding valuation ratios
  • Portfolio optimisation, market rotation and sector analysis


Other Information

Who should attend? This course requires attendees to have a basic understanding of the financial markets and an understanding of basic financial concepts, and the investment characteristics of bonds and stocks. The general public, students, investors, industry practitioners, lawyers and accountants are invited to attend.

Other information:

  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Credits: 3
  • CPE Credits: To be announced
  • Duration: 7 sessions / 17.5 hours
  • Cost: €275 (Students and seniors are eligible for a 50% discount)
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Course 205: Portfolio Management and Capital Markets

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