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Course no 103: An Introduction to Corporate Law
23 March - 29 March 2017
09:00 - 11:30
Malta Stock Exchange
Contact Person
Mr Cliff Pace
Event Overview

This course will teach participants some foundational concepts relating to Maltese and European Union law. There has been a global trend towards more regulation, and companies must adhere to strict ethical and legal business practices so as not to jeopardize their corporate brand and business in general. The Maltese legal system blends Common and Civil law elements and students will learn concepts relating to contract law, competition and consumer law. There will also be other topics such as the differences between proprietorships, partnerships and limited liability companies, and topics relating to business best practices which will be discussed thoroughly.

  • Dr. Malcolm Falzon
  •  Types of companies such as single-member companies, international trading companies, holding companies, etc
  •  Concepts such as a separate judicial personality and limited liability
  •  Changes of company shares, pledges, class of shares and class rights
  •  Power of attorney, duties and liabilities of corporate officers and directors
  •  Board meetings, the company secretary and duties of directors
  •  Insider dealing restrictions
  •  Compliance and corporate governance issues
  •  Ordinary and extraordinary resolutions
  •  Business contract concepts and understanding litigation
  •  Enforcement issues and function of the Registrar of Companies
  •  The transfer of shares and role of a stock exchange
  •  Insolvency and winding up by the court
  •  Company recovery procedures
  •  Director and auditor reports
  •  Annual and extraordinary general meeting requirements
Other Information

Who should attend? This course is a beginner’s course and is geared towards non-lawyers. The general public, students, compliance officers, directors, industry practitioners, and accountants are invited to attend.

Other information:

  • Language: English
  • Level: Beginner
  • Credits: 2
  • CPE Credits: To be announced
  • Duration: 4 sessions / 10 hours
  • Cost: €150 (Students and seniors are eligible for a 50% discount)


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Course no 103: An Introduction to Corporate Law

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